8 Essential Tips for Buying Valentine’s Flowers

Red and white flowers

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection, and what better way to express these emotions than through the timeless gift of flowers? Selecting the perfect floral arrangement for your loved one can be an art form, filled with personal touches and thoughtful considerations. Everyday Flowers and Balloons understands the importance of finding the perfect floral expression for your special someone. In this blog, we’ll explore eight crucial tips to help you choose the best Valentine’s flowers, ensuring your gift resonates with love and care.

1. Know Their Favorite Flowers and Colors

Understanding your partner’s preferences is the first step in choosing the perfect Valentine’s bouquet. Everyone has a favorite flower or color that speaks to their heart. Some may adore the classic red rose, symbolizing deep love and passion, while others might prefer the elegance of tulips or the delicate beauty of orchids. Paying attention to these preferences shows that you value their individuality and are attuned to their likes and dislikes.

While Valentine’s Day is commonly associated with red roses, opting for alternatives like pink roses or different colors and flowers can be a cost-effective and thoughtful choice. If you are open-minded to substituting with pink roses and/or different colors/flowers. It will save you money and send the flowers to the one you love.

2. Think About the Arrangement

The arrangement of flowers is as important as the flowers themselves. It’s not just about the types of flowers used, but also how they are presented. A well-thought-out arrangement can enhance the beauty of the flowers and convey a deeper message. Consider various styles, such as traditional, modern, or whimsical, and think about what aligns best with your partner’s personality and your relationship.

3. Flowers to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

While most flowers symbolize positive emotions, some can carry unintended meanings. For instance, yellow carnations can imply disappointment or rejection, and petunias may be associated with anger or resentment. It’s important to be aware of these connotations to avoid sending mixed signals.

4. The Meaning of Each Flower

Every flower has a unique symbolism and understanding this “language of flowers” can add depth to your gift. For example, red roses represent love and romance, white lilies symbolize purity and virtue, and pink peonies convey good fortune and happiness. Choose a flower that aligns with the message you wish to convey.

5. The Flower Code for Love

In the realm of flowers, certain blooms are specifically associated with love. The most universally recognized is the red rose, an emblem of deep, passionate love. However, other flowers like carnations (fascination and new love), orchids (refined beauty), and tulips (perfect love) can also be excellent choices for expressing your feelings.

6. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Timing is crucial when it comes to Valentine’s flowers. Ordering early ensures a wider selection and better quality, as florists often face a rush as the day approaches. Early planning also allows for more customization and ensures that your flowers are fresh and delivered on time.

7. Have Them Delivered Early

Consider having the flowers delivered a day or two before Valentine’s Day. This strategy not only beats the rush but also provides a delightful surprise, extending the celebration. Early delivery ensures that your loved one can enjoy the flowers throughout the entire Valentine’s week.

8. Staying on Trend

While classic choices like roses are always in vogue, staying informed about floral trends can make your gift stand out. For example, sustainable and locally sourced flowers have gained popularity, as have unique and exotic blooms. Incorporating these trends, perhaps through a bouquet of wildflowers or a rare orchid, can add a contemporary twist to your gift. Also, keep an eye on color trends; sometimes, non-traditional colors like deep purples or vibrant oranges can be unexpectedly romantic and refreshing.


Choosing the perfect Valentine’s flowers is a journey of love and consideration, and at Everyday Flowers and Balloons, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of romance; it’s an opportunity to show how well you know and appreciate your loved one. A thoughtfully chosen bouquet is a powerful symbol of your feelings. Remember, it’s not just about the flowers themselves but the message they convey, and the care taken in selecting them. By considering these eight tips, you’re on your way to finding the perfect floral expression of your love this Valentine’s Day.

And finally, remember that the best Valentine’s gift is one that comes from the heart. Whether it’s a lavish arrangement or a single, meaningful bloom, what matters most is the love and intention behind it. Happy Valentine’s Day!