Orchids, one of the larger plant families there are thousands of varieties of Orchids, both hybridized under cultivation as well as wild and rare. In the world of cut flowers as well as plants, they are much loved for their lush vibrant flower forms, some for their fragrance, and many for their amazing colors and color variations. Potted Orchids for enjoyment as potted plants are always popular as when they are in bloom they usually stay in bloom for weeks if not months. ‘Phalaenopsis’ or more commonly known as Moth Orchids are really popular as they are one of the varieties that are the easiest for home enthusiasts to get to bloom again. Luckily, here at Everyday Flowers and Balloons, we have several fabulous growers that supply our store with the Orchids we have available for you. So the next time you are looking for a nice Orchid plant for yourself or as a special gift,we would love to be your “go to” local Florist.

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