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Planting Flowers for a Colorful Fall: The Best Autumn Blooms

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Are you thinking of planting flowers this fall season? Add a touch of vibrant color to your autumn garden with some of these lovely flowers!

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Autumn is a festive, colorful, and joyful season. The leaves changing from green to bronze and red are just a sight for sore eyes. As the weather becomes a little cooler, you start looking for ways to make fall in your backyard more beautiful with flowers and plants that bring in all these colors in their fall foliage.

However, many people don’t consider fall the perfect time for planting flowers. They think that spring is the ideal time to make their flower gardens come alive. There are so many options of flowers that you can plant in your garden during autumn, and picking the right one is a hassle. So, what seasonal flowers should you plant in autumn? What will be the best options to make sure that you get some color in your landscape?


Flowers in a white vase

You’ll need something that will last and help you spread color across your home through autumn and beyond. That’s why we found eleven seasonal flowers that look just as good in early fall and late fall of the same year! Here are some of our favorite picks:



Asters are commonly found in yellow, orange, and red and are known to be the September birth flower. These plants, native to the Mediterranean, have been utilized as ornamentals in gardens for decades. Late summer and early autumn are prime times for aster blooms. That’s why it’s also one of the most beloved fall flowers. They have long served cultural functions as ornaments, garnishes, and wedding centerpieces.

Aster purple flowers



The dahlia is one of the most recognizable flowers and is often associated with the fall season. This stunning flower has a tall stem and two leaves; its blossoms are usually red, yellow, orange, or purple. While dahlias are frequently seen at weddings, you may also see them in other settings, such as gardens and houses. Moreover, these plants are perennial, meaning they return yearly. Flowers that bloom in the fall, such as dahlias, are famous for decorating fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Yellow orange Dahlia flowers



In late summer and early fall, you may enjoy the sight of the Canna Lily’s stunning orange-red blossoms. You may start these tough plants from seed or stem cuttings. The beautiful aroma of the flowers draws in pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Thanks to their vibrant colors and lengthy lifespan in fall, canna lilies make fantastic seasonal decorations for the house or yard.



There is a common misconception that hydrangeas only bloom in the summer, but in fact they are also a favorite fall flower. Panicle Hydrangeas and Re-blooming Bigleaf are good options if you want hydrangeas that bloom again. These hydrangeas begin blooming in the summer and continue to do so well into the fall. They’ll look beautiful in your yard as fall approaches.



While sunflowers are more commonly associated with summer, they become a fantastic bloom that pairs well with fall foliage. Since the nineteenth century, the sunflower has been one of the most often seen autumn blooms. This is because, unlike most other flowers, it blooms and is always in season. Sunflower flowers are a sure way to positively spin your day since they represent the sun, brightness, and optimism.



Chrysanthemums, one of the most well-known autumn flowers, are at their peak in the cooler months. The leaves of chrysanthemum plants are dark green, and the blooms have a pleasant fragrance. Many different hues, from orange and yellow to white and purple, may be found among flowers. They are common in bouquets, gardens, and hedges.


Some flowers only bloom in the spring, and salvia is one of them. This sage also goes by the name “Autumn sage” because of the vibrant shades it displays in the fall. It plays a significant role in the scenery of many places in Asia and Europe. Flowers in red, pink, orange, white, and even some hues of purple may be found on this perennial plant. Even the sage plant may reach heights of two meters.


The black-eyed Susan is one of the most common flowers in North America and Europe. The flowers are usually bright yellow with dark-colored eyes, making them easy to spot. Black-eyed Susan is a type of daisy that people have been cultivating since the 1800s. They are commonly seen in gardens and fields as well as in pastures, where they grow naturally during the fall season.


Perhaps you’re wondering why pansies are such a significant part of autumn. The reason is simple: they are frost-hardy, making them one of the few flowering plants to endure the winter. They also have a distinctive aroma, which makes them a hit with those who seek out scented items in the cooler months. White, purple, blue, pink, green, and yellow are just a few of the various hues available for pansy flowers. Because they don’t have special needs, these blooms are easy to cultivate.


The goldenrod flowers are bright yellow and come in different shades. This plant is considered a late-season bloomer because its flowers usually bloom from late summer to fall. Goldenrods belong to the Aster family and are known as perennial plants. It is believed to symbolize hope and happiness. This is why it has been associated with the autumn season long ago. The bright yellow blooms of this plant are most prominent during the fall months when it blooms in abundance to bring joyousness to gloomier seasons.


Zinnias are another type of colorful wildflowers that belong to the Aster family. But unlike the Goldenrod, they are considered annuals and bloom during the spring, and summer, until the light frost. They are pretty resilient and ideal for those who just started the hobby of planting. They produce more flowers as you cut them, making this plant a great addition to your bouquet arrangements and decor.



We hope this list of fall flowers guides your decisions on what flowers to plant during fall! Planting flowers now will give ample time to grow and bloom just as autumn rolls around. Whether you’re a gardening beginner or have been a green thumb for years, planting flowers for autumn is easy and adds beautiful color to your home.

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